The Concordia English Graduate Colloquium, now in its sixteenth year, is an annual academic conference run by graduate students in Concordia University’s English Department. This year’s conference will take place on Friday March 23 & Saturday March 24, 2018, featuring two days of panels, a night of creative readings and performances, and a wine & cheese reception. The theme of the conference is Animal Print. 

The aim of Concordia University’s English Graduate Students’ Colloquium is to provide graduate students in English with a forum for academic and creative discussion and exploration. Panelists will have the opportunity to share their work with peers and faculty, obtain feedback, consider new ideas, and practice their conference skills. Organizers have the opportunity to network, coordinate various activities, and vet and edit papers for presentation and publication. The colloquium also seeks to extend Concordia’s relationships with schools and scholars across Canada and abroad.


Alex Custodio is a second year MA student in English literature at Concordia University where she is presently VP of Internal Affairs for the Student Association for Graduates in English (SAGE). Her research interests include fanfiction, video games, and queer theory. You can find her work in Spectra Journal, Soliloquies Anthology, and The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality.

Katheryne Morrissette is a second year MA student in English at Concordia University. Her research currently focuses on the development of colonialism in medieval literature, and her interests vary from the very old (looking at medieval uses of ancient Greek and Roman literature and mythology) to the very recent (thinking about portrayals of “medieval” periods in contemporary media). She works as a research and teaching assistant in the English and Irish Studies departments, and serves as the Treasurer for Concordia’s Student Association for Graduates in English.