2018 Call for Creative Work

Submit to perform at Creative Night.


The Concordia English Graduate Colloquium invites you to perform at this year’s Creative Night. “Animal Print” is presently seeking readers and performers for the evening of Friday, March 23, 2018 from 7:00pm (doors) to 10:00pm. We invite readings of poetry, prose, and creative non-fiction, musical performances, dances, and embodied art among other mediums. Readings and performances should reflect on the ostensible binary and co-dependent relationships between human and animal bodies. Some avenues for engagement may include:

  •        Animals as symbols
  •        Human relationships to animals
  •        Animals and language
  •        Bestiaries, fables, folklore, and fairy tales
  •        Animals in fashion
  •        Ecofeminism and ecocriticism
  •        The Anthropocene
  •        Cyborgs and cyberbodies

To apply, please e-mail concordiacolloquium@gmail.com by Friday, March 9, 2018 at 11:59pm with your name, the genre/medium in which you are writing/performing, a 50-70-word bio in the third person (for introductory purposes), and a sample/proposal of your work. If your reading or performance requires audiovisual materials or technology other than a microphone, please include this information as well. To facilitate a multiplicity of voices, we ask that you keep your reading or performance to 5 minutes.

If you have questions about Creative Night or the submission process, please contact us at concordiacolloquium@gmail.com, tweet us @concolloquium, or drop us a comment on our Facebook page.