Oddities Means and Ends

Call for readers: Oddities, Means and Ends

The Odd Couple is seeking readers for our creative reading night, Oddities, Means and Ends, taking place on February 27 from 8-11 pm at Kafein (1429 Bishop).

We are accepting readings in fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. Those who read need not be those who wrote — want your piece read but want someone else to do the reading? Cool. wanna go 70s-style and swap key passages with another writer? Just so long as you two have fully negotiated consent beforehand, man.

To volunteer for our list of scheduled readings, please email concordiacolloquium@gmail.com with your name, the form you’re writing in (poetry/creative non-fiction/fiction), an estimate of how long your reading will be, and a 13-word bio by midnight on February 19th. Sets should be no shorter than five minutes long, and no longer than ten.

We will also have an open mic portion, with a sign-up sheet at the event.

Questions, concerns, and moral quandaries regarding sestinas should be sent to concordiacolloquium@gmail.com. For more information on the colloquium, visit concol.ca.