Call for Submissions

2015 Call for Submissions: The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple

Harmony From Conflict | Conflict From Harmony

February 27 | February 28 | March 1 2015

Peanut butter and cyanide. Hamlet and Homer Simpson. Creativity and critical analysis. What interplay is there between these seemingly disparate couples? Whether it’s Shostakovich sampled in Fall Out Boy, cronuts and pierogi poutine, strippercize classes in suburban gyms, or special editions of The Communist Manifesto on sale at Chapters, binary relationships, false or otherwise, are everywhere in our personal and professional lives. Trickier still, our familiar binaries need not be strictly codified opposites, for fluid ideas about genre, form, and social class often destabilize attempts to codify. For Canadians in particular, binary logic is old hat; how have we ever defined ourselves, save careful enumeration of what we are not?

The 13th Annual Concordia University English Graduate Colloquium is calling for academic, creative, and hybrid submissions about odd couplings. While we are all familiar with binaries, this colloquium aims to deconstruct commonly recognized pairings, create new ones, and explore the process through which a thing comes to be understood, not simply by its shape, but also its shadow. Ideal submissions will address odd, yet productive, couplings emphasizing the connections and disjunctions between ideas, texts, and authors. What is to be found in the spaces between? What symbiotic and synergistic relationships begin to unravel as we tug on pre-existing threads? What strange maps emerge as we sew together new ones?

Key Words:

· Dream & Reality

· Writing from the Margins; Margin & Centre; Margin & Interior

· Invasion & Exploration

· Synthesis & Mutation; Synergy & Aberration

· The Interplay of Science & Art

· The Human & The Machine; Human as Machine

· Binary (Code) as Language

· Oppositional Structures; Form & Content; Competing Media

· Anarchy & Art

· Growth & Decay

· Medieval & Modern

· Intersectionality; Axes of Identity; (In)equalities

· Harmony & Conflict

· Creative & Critical

Proposals should be submitted to by midnight on Friday, January 23rd and should not exceed 300 words. Presentations will be approximately 20 minutes in length. Creative and hybrid proposals should address how the piece or pieces engage with the theme. Please note that creative presentations need not consist of 20 minutes of reading original work; writers are encouraged to spend part of their presentation time discussing their piece(s) in relation to the theme, from critical or other perspectives. All applicants are encouraged to submit a brief bio of 40-50 words for use in promotional materials. Further questions can be directed to

We look forward to reading your submissions!